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Atlas work

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International week

Maths grid game

Maths grid game 1
Maths grid game 2
Maths grid game 3
Maths grid game 4
Maths grid game 5
Maths grid game 6
Maths grid game 7
Practising our times tables this way was really good fun. We forgot we were learning! We're glad Mrs Ramsay taught the other teachers this game!


Always time activities

Some children decided to use Always Time to make models and posters of the Active Planet

The layers of the Earth

Who would have thought an apple could help us learn about what is under our feet?

Fantastic Writing!

We showed our work to Mrs Lacey because Mrs Hewitt was so impressed with it!

A mayoral gift

A mayoral gift 1
A certificate from the mayor for hard work at Beavers - well done!