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School Councillors are chosen by their class members each year in September.  School Councillors wear a purple polo shirt and yellow jumper so they are recognisable within school.  Meetings are held regularly.  Councillors bring ideas/concerns to the school council meetings where they are discussed with Mr Wilkins and a decision is made whether these ideas/concerns need to be taken further and discussed with Mrs Lacey.  It is important that as a school we listen to our pupil voice and the School Council is actively involved in deciding which charities we support during the year.  They were also involved in the appointment of our current head teacher, Mrs Lacey.


Here is a list of our School Councillors this year:-

Year 1 – Isobel Bond and James Gibson

Year 2 –Freya Walker and Frankie Rice

Year 3 – Isabelle Robinson and Callum Readhead

Year 4 – Pagen Filio and Kylan Thompson

Year 5 – Evie Bennett and Brendan Payton

Year 6 – AliyaahTomaschiwskyj  and Bragen Larkins

Head Boy and Head Girl – Bence Szabo and Hannah Robinson


School Councillors are going to research how important Government decisions are made by visiting the Houses of Parliament on the 2nd of February 2018.

Houses of Parliament visit Friday 2nd February 2018

Visit from Rainbow Primary School Council - Monday 12th March 2018

This morning we had a visit from Rainbow Primary School Council.  They held an assembly telling us about themselves and their school.  Our School Council then met with them to discuss how the two schools could work together over the coming year.  SMPA School Council will be visiting Rainbow Primary School after Easter where we will share all the great things we do here at Shirley Manor.