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Maths 25.9.20

This is the maths for today, the link is below:

Comparing numbers 24. 9.20

Maths 24.9.20

Today for Maths we will be comparing numbers and the link is below:
I have also attached the worksheet for todays session. Alternatively, you can complete the work in your scheme of learning packs (Page 27-28)

Science 23.9.20

For science please follow the link below:

Maths 23.9.20- In maths today we will be comparing objects. This is the link:

English 23.9.20

Still image for this video
For English today we will be focusing upon speech marks, as will be changing the conversation between Huge Red Riding Hood and the wolf in tomorrows session. I would like the children to watch the speech marks video first and then to move onto the presentation. The link is below:

Science 22.9.20

Still image for this video
This is the Science session for today, there is a little experiment with starbursts that you can try. However, if you do not have them don't worry. When the video asks you to stop to look at Video A: this is the link below:

At the end of the video, I have asked you to write a prediction, however a discussion of what your little ones think will happen is absolutely fine.

This is a link to see what happens to those starburst pieces when they have been squashed together:
I would stop at 1 minute and 35 seconds, as she then moves onto making an igneous rock, but feel free to watch the whole video to see what other rocks they make.

Maths 22.9.20- Here is the maths for today: I will also attach the worksheet, however if you cannot access this, you can answer the questions in the scheme of learning pack pages 23 and 24.

Science- Igneous Rocks 


I would like the children to create a poster about everything that they know about igneous rocks. You can click on the link below:
in order to gain a better understanding of igneous rocks. 

English Home Learning

Still image for this video
For English today, I would like the children to write a character description for Huge Red Riding Hood. I have attached a video guiding the children through the process. However, for children that might find this task a little difficult, I am happy for them to draw Huge Red Riding Hood and to label what she looks like, for instance: Round belly etc.

Maths Home Learning 


For Maths, we are looking at the number line to 1000. I have attached the link below:


I will also attach the number line to 1000 worksheet; however, if this worksheet cannot be accessed it is fine for the children to complete the work on page 21 and 22 in the scheme of learning pack.

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