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School Councillors are chosen by their class members each year in September.  School Councillors wear a purple polo shirt and yellow jumper so they are recognisable within school.  Meetings are held regularly.  Councillors bring ideas/concerns to the school council meetings where they are discussed with Mrs Whittingham and a decision is made whether these ideas/concerns need to be taken further and discussed with Mrs Lacey.  It is important that as a school we listen to our pupil voice and the School Council is actively involved in deciding which charities we support during the year. 


Here is a list of our School Councillors this year:-

Year 1 – Oliver & Ella

Year 2 – Scarlett & Bruce

Year 3 – Devon & Konnor

Year 4 – Oscar & Dolcie

Year 5 –  Jacob & Renesmee 

Year 6 –  Joseph & Taylor

Head Boy and Head Girl – Rory & Isla


School Councillors from KS2, Head Boy and Head Girl also get the opportunity to visit the Houses of Parliament in London each year to find out how Government is run.  They also meet up with our local MP who explains how they raise issues in our local community in the Houses of Parliament.  



On Wednesday 28th February 2024 School Councillors represented Shirley Manor Primary Academy on a visit to Dean Field Primary Academy. 


During the visit School Councillors showcased Shirley Manor and their local area in a presentation highlighting the culture, architecture, sport and history of the school and Bradford. 


Positive feedback was given from the other schools within the trust in terms of the presentation and the pupils behaviour.  School Councillor's reported that they enjoyed the visit, particularly being able to meet up with the other School Councillors within the trust and having the opportunity to look around Dean Fields facilities.

Family of Learning School Council Day

On Thursday 5th October our School Council visited Heptonstall Primary to get to know other School Councillors from the Family of Learning Trust. 


Mrs Whittingham was very proud the children and how they threw themselves into each task. 


School Councillors reported how they had enjoyed the visit and are looking forward to their next meeting.

Visit to City Hall in Bradford in July 2023 - A selection of children from our school council visited the City Hall in Bradford. They met the Lord Mayor and Councillor Sue Duffy who is responsible for children and young people.