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Mental Health Champions

Hi everyone,

As the Mental Health Champion for Shirley Manor I would like to invite you to take part in a Mental Health Parent Support Event which might help you to deal with any mental health and wellbeing concerns you may have about your child.

This is not run by school. It is run by The Bradford Mental Health Champions.

Please find attached all the details that you need to know.

From my experience of the Mental Health Champions these are always well organised and useful events.

Zoe Cooper :-)

Mental Health - Bradford First Responce Team

Mental Health Matters


Mrs Cooper has taken on the role as The Mental Health Champion for Shirley Manor Primary. 


Mental Health really matters! We can't be healthy if we are not mentally healthy.


Adults need to help young people learn ways of being mentally healthy, just as they support young people to be physically healthy. We know that learning and progress in school can be massively affected by mental health - and yet we are rubbish at talking about these issues.


The Mental Health Matters initiative, and the Mental Health Champions in schools aim to change this!


The main aims of Mental Health Champions project are:


  • To find ways of making sure that children and young people in Bradford schools have access to useful and interesting information about Mental Health issues.
  • To take the stigma, shame and secrecy about Mental Health issues out of schools so that everyone, pupils, families and school staff can talk about Mental Health matters together.
  • To make it easier for children and young people, and their families to be able to ask for help with Mental Health issues.


Over the coming months Mrs Cooper will be working with staff and pupils and talking about practical things that we can all do to look after our mental health. We will have Mental Health assemblies and your children may  bring home leaflets for you to look at related to the topics we have been talking about. Please discuss the topics with your child and encourage them to talk about how they are feeling and about worries or concerns they may be experiencing.