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Are you eligible for Free School Meals?


Could you be eligible for Free School Meals?  It is not just for people who are unemployed and it is a straightforward process.  You can check with the Benefits Service if you can apply and your child may benefit from the Pupil Premium as a result!  Not only that, your child will receive healthy meals at school every day (a saving of almost £400 per year!)


Free School Meals

If you think you could be entitled, please complete the Free School Meal application form at in the first instance.  You will get an immediate response informing you if you qualify or not.


For further advice, please contact:


The Benefits Service

Brittannia House

Hall Ings




Call: 01274 432772


Open Mon – Thurs 8.30am – 5.00pm and Fri 8.30 – 4.30pm

Pupil Premium Report

Pupil Premium is a very valuable resource at Shirley Manor.  It not only supports learning, it supports essential development in social, emotional and mental health challenges… to read more please read our report below: