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Bradford City Penalty Shoot Out - Thanks for everyone who raised money and took part.

Light and Dark - for our science topic of light and dark, we had a dark day. All day, we used only torch light to work and investigated: reflection and reflective materials, how light travels, how we can change the size of shadows and different sources of light.

Ancient Egypt maps - using atlases, maps and satellite maps, we made sand maps of the River Nile and discussed where people might live along the river and why. Some of us looked at the types of animals and sights we might see too!

Respect for Animals - As our assembly topic this week is respect for animals, we just had to have a visit from two wonderful guide dogs! The children in class 3 came up with some great questions for the volunteers who brought them.

3D Pyramids of Giza - Following our work on Ancient Egypt, we tried to make a square based pyramid out of sugar cubes.

Light and Shadow - We went outside each hour to observe how our shadows change depending on where the sun is. We made models to show how the Earth moves around the Sun and discussed how this affects us.

Forest School Time table

Curriculum Letter Summer

Future Me Day - After meeting lots of interesting people and completing a questionnaire to find a potential future job, we all wrote a CV displaying our personal skills and talents.The children in Class 3 really enjoyed the day and were really enthusiastic completing their CVs.

Parts of a plant - Now that Spring is here for sure we started our new science topic by dissecting daffodils to find the different parts. Armed with only scissors, a daffodil and a diagram of a different type of flower, children found the different elements of a flower and had a lot of fun doing it!

LS Lowry inspired work - using our model industrial towns for inspiration, as well as Lowry's painting 'Coming from the mill', we made mixed media collages to recreate his work and had an independent judge decide which should be framed in the corridor!

How did Titus Salt change Bradford? While investigating our history and geography topic we constructed Industrial Revolution towns making sure they had canals for transport, mills to work in and other key features.

Stay and Learn - During international week, we invited parents in to join the fun and help make coloured rangolis. We did some research beforehand to find out what a rangoli is and why they are important.

Important historical figures

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We have been looking at Saltair and how influential it was as a model industrial town - all due to the work of Titus Salt. Here is an example of one of the videos we made after fact finding about the man himself.

This is a link to some games based on telling the time - telling the time, telling the time in words, adding time and using a calendar are the ones to target first.       

Skeleton fingers - don't be fooled by the document name, this is a template of how muscles control the bones in our body. We made these in class and the children wanted to access them at home. All you need are scissors, glue, a paperclip and some string.

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Still image for this video
We made a great video today of how to calculate 2 digit by 1 digit multiplication. For a first time using the app (Explain everything) it's a really great go and all the calculations are correct!
We normally use squared paper to help with the layout and to keep our place value columns in check - we will work on that next time!

Class 3 have been working hard exploring the different types of skeleton an animal might have for our topic Animals including humans.

Here are some collages of the work we have been completing over the last few weeks.