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This week we read the story of Supertato by Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet and enjoyed meeting the main characters. The star of the show was of course, Supertato! However, unfortunately we had discovered a crime scene as several of our toys went missing. We discovered a letter written by the Evil Pea stating that he had our toys and that we could never catch him! We could not allow the evil pea to cause anymore mayhem and therefore decided to build traps and place them all over our classroom. 





The children made some brilliant traps. They made nets out of paper and various other materials and even built 'cages' made from cardboard. 

The evil pea heard about our plans to try to capture him and sent us an apology letter. The next day, Reception received a very special parcel from the supermarket. It was the vegetables! They had escaped from the Supermarket because the Evil pea had returned to the Supermarket to cause more chaos than ever before! They asked us look after them and keep them safe.