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Personal, Social & Emotional Development


Name 5 things you can see.

4 things you can feel.

3 things you can hear.

2 things you can smell.

1 thing you can taste.

Communication & Language

Listen to the story –  Whatever Next!

Can you draw pictures of the things that Baby Bear took with him to the moon?

(Sheet in the pack & Dojo)


Whatever Next! Stories read aloud

Whatever Next! By Jill Murphy. Stories read aloud. Read by The Story Teller. #readaloud #StorytimeAnytime

Physical Development

Cosmic Yoga

Mike and Muttnik on The Moon




Take a visit to the park and play on the equipment if safe to do so.


Whatever Next pencil control.

(Sheet in the pack & Dojo)

Mike and Muttnik on The Moon | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

A Cosmic Kids yoga adventure with Mike and Muttnik about looking out for our friends - and what you should do if you get lost.⭐ Sign up for FREE access to ou...



Grandmothers Footsteps

(Sheet on planning)


Words beginning with g.


Can you write your name?

(Sheet in the pack & Dojo)




Can you count out objects to match the numbers 1 to 9.

Look at numbers in the environment. Can you find no. 9?


Complete the number 9 sheet.

(Sheet in the pack & Dojo)


Match rockets to numbers,

(Sheet in the pack & Dojo)

CBeebies | Numberblocks | Number Nine Song

Learn all about the number nine with our friend Numberblock Nine from CBeebies Numberblocks!Find more Numberblocks clips and fun on the CBeebies website http...

The Number 9 | Number Songs By BubblePopBox | Learn The Number Nine

Don't forget to subscribe for updates of our new fantastic videos!☺☺☺☺Lyrics:Nine apples, nine trees, nine tiny little buzzing beesNine table, nine chairs, n...

Understanding of the World


Go outside when it is dark or look out of the window and talk about what you can see. Can you count the stars? Can you find the moon? Does the sky change from one night to the next?

Expressive Arts & Design


Can you make a collage of the moon?

Use reclaimed items to create texture and craters.