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Engineering Event at Bradford University

Our school was selected to take part in a special Primary Engineering Project, which was organised and funded by Bradford Council.   Children in years 1 & 3 who showed an interest in engineering were tasked with designing and making a working vehicle.  School was provided with special kits containing wooden parts, batteries and simple electric circuits and the children had used their DT, problem solving, science and literacy skills to design and build their own vehicle. 


As part of the programme, the children then took their vehicles to the above event to compete with other schools from across the city in a series of exciting challenges.  Engineers from Bradford Council also spoke to pupils to find out the inspiration behind their designs.  At the end of the event, winners were  awarded and children celebrated the power of engineering together! 


The Queen's Platinum Jubilee Celebrations

Geoff from the Cyber team spoke with the children of how to remain safe whilst being online

Importance of passing successfully

In Physical Education we have been further developing our passing skills using a variety of passes such as chest pass, bounce pass and over head throw. 


For heritage, we learned all about Saltaire Village and researched how the village was established. We created double page spreads to showcase our learning! It fascinated us because Sir Titus Salt wanted to change the lives of his workers for the better building an entire village that included houses, a park, a school,a library, a recreation and learning institute and outdoor sport facilities around the Mill. 



Magnet Magic

Our trip to the National Coal Mining Museum

The Year 3 children thoroughly enjoyed their day at the National Coal mining museum. We got to go on an underground tour and gained a much better understanding of the mining history. We learned about the different roles of the workers (thrusters, trappers and hurriers). We even got to see the ponies and learned about the changes to mining over time that led to Ponies and horses being used. It was a fabulous day!



Forces and Magnets

The children played a game called furious forces where they had to explore different ways that a force can move! The children came up with a variety of ideas such as twisting, bending etc. They then had to decide what force their 'action' was, was it a push or pull force. 

Making Egyptian Broad collars

Learning all about Compromise and Conflict

The children worked in groups to design a made up creature. They even decided upon where it lived, what it ate and whether or not it had any special abilities, such as being able to walk on the clouds. However, as they were working as a team, they understood that they could not always have it their own way. They knew that they had to compromise :) They worked together amazingly and created some very unusual,  but fascinating creatures! 

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