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Always Time Treat - Amazing Animal Handling!

We were very proud of ourselves for two reasons; firstly we gained our treat due to our great behaviour and secondly, we held some rather scary animals!! Even Mrs Hewitt held a snake for the first time in her life!!

Shake, Rattle and Roll! A visit from a seismologist.

Some quotes from this experience:

"Best visitor ever!"

"Amazing! Wow!"

"I want to be a seismologist!"

"Dr Neuberg has inspired me!"

"I didn't know we were doing science like a real scientist."

From Dr Neuberg - "I am very impressed. This class are budding scientists and really know their stuff!"


Hate Crime Workshop

We learnt that people hate others for a variety of reasons and we wrote our own sets of rules against hate crimes, showing that we won't tolerate it!

D:side Drugs Workshop

This taught us about cigarettes, smoking, its side effects and how to say no.

Practical Science - Electricity

Sorting battery and mains powered objects

Making Human Electrical Circuits

Making Electrical Circuits

Atlas work

As part of International week, we made our own maps of Africa, looked at the languages spoken there and practised speaking them.

Maths grid game

Practising our times tables this way was really good fun. We forgot we were learning! We're glad Mrs Ramsay taught the other teachers this game!


Always time activities

Some children decided to use Always Time to make models and posters of the Active Planet

The layers of the Earth

Who would have thought an apple could help us learn about what is under our feet?

Fantastic Writing!

We showed our work to Mrs Lacey because Mrs Hewitt was so impressed with it!

A mayoral gift

A certificate from the mayor for hard work at Beavers - well done!