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Planning For WB 24/01/22

Personal, Social & Emotional Development


Try something new today. Something you haven’t tried before. Tell somebody what you are going to do.

Tell somebody what you are good at and what you would like to get better at.


Communication & Language

Look at the information about Chinese New Year


Use the pictures to sequence the story.

(Sheet in the pack)

Physical Development

complete the pencil control sheet.

(Sheet in the pack)

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Noisy Neighbour

Ask your child to  pretend to sleep.  .

The adult makes a sound

(e.g. snoring, brushing teeth, munching cornflakes, yawning, stamping feet, washing).


Can your child identify the sound?

 Encourage your child  to join in with: Noisy neighbour,

 please be quiet. We are trying to sleep.

Repeat the simple story line with another sound


Can you say some words beginning with l.


Can you write your name?

(Sheet in the pack)


Can you count out objects to match the numbers 1 to 9.

Look at numbers in the environment. Can you find no. 9?


Complete the number 9 sheet.

(Sheet in the pack)


Complete the counting sheet.

(Sheet in the pack)


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Understanding of the World

Learn all about Chinese New year.

Watch the PowerPoints.


(On web site and Dojo)

Expressive Arts & Design

Can make a tiger?


(Resources in the pack)

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