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£1.50 per day/child

Our Breakfast Club is open to all children from Nursery Class to Year 6.  If you would like to register your child to attend Breakfast Club, please call at the school office for a registration form, or download the form below. 


Children attending Breakfast Club should enter the building via the dining hall room door at the rear of the building and report to Miss Morrell or Mrs Thomas.  Opening times are 8:00am until the start of the school day.  Children are very well supervised, in a calm and relaxed environment.  Breakfast is provided by our school kitchen and is very reasonably priced.  All we ask is that if your child attends our Breakfast Club, they eat breakfast at school.  The last breakfast will be served at 8:30am.  The cost for your child to attend is £1.50 per day plus the cost of breakfast.


Breakfast Club Rules

Excellent behaviour along with respect for staff and school equipment is

expected from the children at all times.


 If your child has a verbal warning due to poor behaviour or misuse of equipment, they will be expected to sit at the side of the hall for 5 minutes.  The warning will be noted in the register and 3 warnings in one week will result in a ONE DAY BREAKFAST CLUB EXCLUSION.

School will contact you the day prior to the exclusion from Breakfast Club