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Forest School Fun

Outdoor History 27.9.18 We made a human timeline from Ancient Greece to now.

Forest School - race to the top!

Perfect place for a class group shot.
We didn't stay still for long!
Who'll be first to the top?
Brilliant weather for a brilliant morning in Judy Woods. We climbed trees, went into Snake Tunnel, walked the route of the river, stopped to find out about plants and trees and had a wonderful time exploring the great outdoors.
Dare you go in?
"It's from the Stone Age!"
River walking.
Catching a few rays, trying to dry his socks!
"How do we get down?"

Ancient Greece Challenge. Can you build a strong column that the Greeks would be proud of?

We didn't give up - we really persevered and worked together to make strong columns. 

Outdoor Learning. How long does it take to.....? What sounds can you hear and record?

How long will it take to run round the playground?
And to walk?
Listen carefully...
"Can you hear the leaves?"
"It's quiet here!"
"It's nearly silent...ssshhh!!"

Stay and learn 18.10.18

We had a great session with our mums and dads. making art in the style of Lois Maillou Jones as part of our Black History month work. Mrs Hewitt now knows where we get our artistic flair from! Thanks for coming, parents.

Fun in our new playground. A great way to finish our first half term!