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 Year 4 have been learning about Our Planet this half term.  We had to design a front cover for our topic books initially thinking about what Our Planet might mean.  We have then spent most of the term looking at volcanoes.  We have investigated where they occur around the world and established that most volcanoes occur in an area called ‘The Ring of Fire’.  We drew and labelled maps showing where this was.  After that we looked at what our earth is actually made up of, this helped us to understand that magma is in the centre of our earth and this magma becomes lava when it erupts out of volcanoes.  Finally we have looked at a cross section of a volcano and learnt what a volcano is made up of.


As part of our learning about volcanoes we have also looked at ‘States of Matter’.  This involved finding out the difference between solids, liquids and gases.  We had great fun pretending to molecules in the playground.  Molecules in solids, stick together and do not move.  Molecules in liquids, move about but take the shape of the container they are in whereas molecules in gas move about freely wherever they wish.  Can you see which pictures are which?