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Personal, Social & Emotional Development

How do you think Baby bear felt when he saw the empty porridge bowl, broken chair and bed?


Do you think Goldilocks was scared?

Communication & Language

Can you draw pictures to make a shopping list for Mrs Bear?

Goldilocks and the Three Bears - Give Us A Story!

Curiosity, clumsiness, gluttony and laziness/possible narcolepsy all get the better of old Goldilocks.Lucky to get out of there in one piece!Classic fairy ta...

Physical Development

Pencil control mazes.

(Sheet in the pack and on dojo)

Storybook Yoga Goldilocks


Describe And Find It.

Set up your childs favourite toys, a lego scene, some cars, dolls etc…

Describe one of the objects but do not tell your child its name. Say, for example: This animal has horns, four legs and a tail. Ask them to say which animal it is. Ask them to make the noise the animal might make. When they are familiar

with the game let individual children take the part of the adult and describe the toy for you to name


Can you count out objects to match the numbers 1 to 10.

Look at numbers in the environment. Can you find no. 5?

The Number 5 | Number Songs By BubblePopBox | Learn The Number Five

Don't forget to subscribe for updates of our new fantastic videos!☺☺☺☺Lyrics:Five apples, five trees, five tiny little buzzing beesFive table, five chairs, f...

CBeebies | Numberblocks | Number Five Song

Learn all about the number five with our friend Numberblock Five from CBeebies Numberblocks!Find more Numberblocks clips and fun on the CBeebies website http...

Understanding of the World

Woodland Walk PowerPoint.


Can you go on a woodland walk?


Draw some pictures of what you see.

Expressive Arts & Design

Can you act out the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears?

Try and do all of the different characters.

Which one is your favourite?


Goldilocks cut and stick.

(Sheet in the pack and on dojo)