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Science with Tom

We looked at the 3 states of matter, using snow to change solid to liquid.


Food Testers! 

We helped the kitchen to test some new dishes for the menu. We voted on what we liked - most of the dishes were delicious!

Cornflour - We were surprised by how its state changed!

International Week

We enjoyed learning about Asia, its geography, its languages and its songs.



We worked with Carley from STEMazing on activities based around science, technology and maths. All the activities have been really good fun & taught us that anyone can "do" these subjects.

Paper Rockets

We used forces (our own breath) to see how far our rockets would fly.


Paper Structures

We tested the strength of paper columns to see how many books they would hold. The best structure held over 40 books!!

Balloon Launchers

We used kinetic energy to launch our objects.

Amazing Aerodynamics

We made a variety of spinners to explore aerodynamics. We didn't realise how important the air around us was, to make objects move.

Forest School on site

We have had every sort of weather from horizontal rain to snow to bright sun! (Mostly rainy and muddy but we've loved it!!)

Our one sunny session!

Forest School at Judy Woods

Enterprise Week

KCU - Kindness Compassion and Understanding

Mapwork with Tom

We have looked at Ordnance Survey maps and their features and keys. We have also looked at maps of our school and have found things on an aerial view of school, using compass points. 

PSHE through Oracy