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We have carried out two scientific experiments as part of the theme.


The first experiment was to see how water was transported through plants.


First we set up the experiment by placing the same size and colour flowers in the same amount of water.  The only aspect of the experiment we changed was the colour of the water.  In one 'vase' we put water with red food colouring in, in the other was clear water.

Then we observed what happened to the plants over the course of the next few days.
The children observed that the water had been sucked up through the stem of the plant and had been transported to the leaves and the petals.

The second experiment was set up to see how competition for resources affected growth of the plants.


Again we set up an experiment to make sure it was fair.  We used the same size plant pots, the same amount of soil, the same plant bulbs and the same amount of water (to use to water the plants with).  The only variable was the amount of bulbs we used in each pot.

We kept the plant pots in the same place and observed what had happened over the next few weeks.

After a while, we noticed there was no real difference in the height that the plants had grown.  This confused us as a class, as the children realised what should have happened that the pot with only one bulb in should have grown the strongest and tallest as there was no competition.  We spent some time discussing what had happened.  Had the test been completely fair?


The answer was no.  


The pot with the most amount of bulbs had grown the strongest and tallest.  The children worked out that this must be because this plant pot had been placed closest to the window, therefore absorbing the most sunlight which provided these plants with the most food source.