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Shirley Manor Primary Academy and Rainbow School

Both schools were new to the linking programme and it has been a real pleasure to see the link develop between the schools start to grow this year.


Initially, there were some nerves (which were to be expected) on both sides, with children not really sure as to what they should expect and some feeling hesitant to meet others that they’d never met before. These nerves soon dissipated as the children got to know each other a little better through the exchange of curiosity questions and letters.


It started with the school councils from each school presenting in assemblies talking about what makes their school unique. This has since developed to Rainbow staff joining Shirley Manor for a staff meeting to plan joint projects year and sporting competitions. Teaching assistants have also got involved by visiting each other’s schools.


By the time the children first started to meet at Shirley Manor, they were eager to put faces to names and even the shyest of pupils were eager to share what they had found out about their link partner when they got back to school. 


During the course of the morning, the children took part in Forest School activities at SMPA where they had many opportunities to find out more about one another. Activities included a scavenger hunt, a woods walk and playing on the adventure playground but the purpose throughout was meaningful interaction between the two groups of children.


We are looking forward to strengthening these links next year with planned joint trips and visitors to enhance our curriculum as well as relationships developing between link pairs.