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The Trojan Horse


We told the story of the Trojan Horse through a drama and dance sequence.

Maths Day


We loved Maths Day - it was really good fun! We had to use our Growth Mindset A LOT as some of the activities were quite hard, but we persevered and collaborated until we found a solution.

Odd Socks for Anti-Bullying Week

Harvest Poem

We wrote this poem after brainstorming adjectives about different aspects of Harvest time.

Drama work - important dates in Ancient Greece

Greek Dancing

In our sessions with Jenny we have practised and performed a traditional Greek dance, to the music of Zorba the Greek. It was hard but fun, especially when it got faster and faster

Topic Research

We have enjoyed reading up on Ancient Greece.

Oracy Games


Working Collaboratively

We enjoy helping each other and sharing ideas when we work together.

Maths Investigation

We worked practically to look at odd and even numbers. We worked hard to describe our findings in a mathematical way.

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