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Christmas: Here is a collection of pictures from the festive period at Shirley Manor.

Fine Motor Skills: As practice for our Christmas Lunch, we have been using our fine motor skills with cutlery and tools to properly manipulate the playdough.

Maths: Throughout this term we have been looking in more depth at numbers to 20 including partitioning them, adding and subtracting to 20 and counting in twos and fives to 20.

RE: We have considered the 10 Commandments and chosen the ones that we thought were most important for us. Children made salt dough tablets and carved them, just like the tablets from Mount Sinai.

History: As we have been looking at transport and Stephenson's Rocket, we used some DT and science skills to become engineers ourselves. We made our own model steam engines and used them to power steam boats.

Maths: We have spent some time investigating 2D and 3D shapes. The children loved exploring and sorting the shapes.

Maths Day: The children had to complete the challenge of building the tallest and sturdiest tower. They really engaged with the task, making complex foundations built on shared strength.