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During the half term break, some pirates visited our classroom and left some pirate activities for us to do. They also left us a large treasure chest full of treasure. We spent a lot of time exploring the treasure. We counted it, drew it, dug for it, made a list of it and fished for it in the water area.

Treasure Chest

Oh no! 

Some more pirates came at the weekend and stole our treasure. They left us a map of the island where the treasure is buried so that we can go and find it.


We have been building boats and ships this week so that we can sail to the island and find our treasure.


We have also made some telescopes.

Ship Building


This week we packed our suitcases and tested our ships to see who's was the fastest then we sailed to the island on our ship.


We made models of the island and sorted shells. 

Treasure Island.

This week we painted pictures of the island and explored the island with Bee Bots. We programmed them to find treasure chests and carried on the search for our missing treasure.


This week we have cut out pirates and joined them together using hole punches and split pins.