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The teaching of phonics in FS, KS1 and those children from KS2, who are indicated on an intervention programme, will be taught through Floppy’s Phonics and supported by Letters and Sounds.


The teaching of spelling, grammar and punctuation will take place in each class throughout school. Children will be expected to learn their spellings each week. Work related to these spellings will take place daily and opportunities to learn the words will be given by using a range of strategies. This will enable children to use and apply the words learnt in their reading and writing activities.


Phonics is split into different phases:-

  • Phase 1 starts in Nursery.

  • Phase 2, 3, and 4 are introduced in Reception.

  • Phase 5 is introduced in Year 1

  • Phase 6 is introduced in Year 2


A Summary of reading across our school

To ensure progression in reading, books are banded appropriate to age and NC levels.

We use a range of books to raise motivation and maintain interest.

The children read to an adult in groups, pairs or individually according to their ability.  The children read a range of Book Banded schemes up to NC level 4, after which, they will select from age appropriate books to suit their interests. The schemes used to support the teaching of reading are: Floppy’s Phonics and Oxford Reading, PM starters and Story World in Foundation Stage and KS1. Project X, Code Reading Intervention, PM Starters and a range of Book Banded high interest reading books.

In Early years and key Stage 1 phonics is taught on a daily basis using the following schemes.